The Great Gatsby

So, my obsession with The Great Gatsby and the 20′s may be a little much but what can I say? Its just awesome. I decided on doing this Gatsby themed shoot months ago but things came  up, I got busy, I was tired and more excuses just piled up until I said “alright, its happening… THIS WEEK” with the help of my wonderful models and some awesome vendors I literally put this entire shoot together in about 2 days. Crazy huh? It was perfect. It was magical, everything I dreamed it could be and more. I submitted this shoot to several places for publication; some turned it down because it had “been done”, some loved it but it wasn’t the right season and other are still reviewing it. Typically, I would never post something that I wanted published before it was published BUT I am done waiting to be validated by some wedding blog or magazine. I LOVE this shoot, everything about it and I am ready to share it with you. I cant thank my vendors enough for their help and my wonderful and beautiful model Casey, who has cystic fibrosis and was sick the time of the shoot and refused to be hospitalized until after we finished shooting. She is powerful, beautiful, strong and courageous.. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHHING. Vendors are below :)


Matt xoxox

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Hair & Makeup- Casey Troulias   Wedding Gown- Alfred Angelo Bridal   Tuxedo- Jos.A.Bank   Flowers- CeCe Designs   Vintage Car- Birmingham Bridal Carriages   Table/Props- Cameo Vintage Rentals

Brycen & Jill Engagement

LOVE THESE TWO!! Pretty much sums it up for me. These two are so adorable together and made my job so easy! We started off this adorable engagement session at the Railroad Park, had coffee and waited for the dark and then headed to the rainbow tunnel, Downtown. I love everything about this session, & cant wait for your wedding <3


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Davis Military Homecoming.

For those of you who have had to be separated from someone you love for a long period of time know the immense pain it causes you. A kind of pain that feels unbearable and a pain that will never be quenched. For this family they wanted 11 long and painful months to see their solider. FINALLY, at 5:40 pm on February 21, 2014 they were granted their wish and got to be reunited with him. For me, this was one of the highlights of my careers, it was so special to be able to photograph this special moment for this soldier and his family. The funny thing is, this was not even the family I had intended on photographing. The original couple I had planned to photograph had some things come up and as I was packing my bags with disappointment and getting ready to leave the airport I overheard the family say “we want some pictures” and there you have it. The rest is history.



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The Best of 2013

2013…. I don’t even know where to begin. 2013 has been absolutely amazing. In 2013, I shot over 20 weddings, 30 engagements, flew to California, was published for the first time and had some of the most amazing clients ever. YOU are the reason I do what I do, your special day is just as special to me, and for you to have all trusted me to be apart of it thrills me beyond belief. Each of your days were so unique and different and there is at least one thing from every wedding I shot that I still remember and cherish. All of my clients, past and future are so special to me and I am so thankful for you and the friendships we have each made. I LOVE you all for letting my dream be my reality. Without each of you I would not be able to do what I love. You all make it worth it. I can not wait until 2014, new babies from sweet brides on the way, new, beautiful couples to photograph, more traveling, and more friendships to make. I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Lots of Love,

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Lauren Boudoir

My definition of Boudoir- sexy, intimate, beautiful, and confidence builder. When Lauren asked me about doing her boudoir session for her husbands Christmas present since he is in the Army and wont be home, we thought it would be an awesome present for him. Typically, I wouldn’t post a blog of a boudoir session since I do think its a private thing but with valentines day coming up and Laurens permission we wanted to give you a glimpse of this bombshells beauty.


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Crystal styled bridal

Growing up I always had horses and always rode, they were just a big part of my life. So, when I got this beautiful black Tennessee Walker named Priscilla I instantly knew I was going to have to use her in some of my sessions. I am so thrilled with this session and how beautiful both of my lovely models were. Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible!! Special thanks to Hannah King for the beautiful hair and makeup, Mary Resha & Joie Glass at Alfred Angelo Bridal for the gorgeous dress, Tannehill Trails for the venue and a big thanks to my beautiful model Crystal Cardenas for toughing out the freezing weather.


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Tyler & Jessica Engagement

Where to start about this wonderful couple? I actually met Jessica at one of my other brides consults and from there fell in love with her. She was so funny and sweet to her best friend (my bride) helping her plan things, helping make things for the wedding and overall just loving and comforting. When I got the email from Jessica that she wanted me to do her wedding as well I was so thrilled not just because these two are gorgeous together but because they both seemed so in love and happy. This couple’s love and strength for one another astounds me… a couple of years back Tyler lost his Mother, Step Father and Sister in a carbon monoxide poisoning. While, I had heard about this a while back I never knew it was Tyler and as soon as Jessica told me I immediately started tearing up and thinking how I can make this session as perfect for the two of them as possible. So, as you see Jessica brings an old quilted blanket; it was Tyler’s mothers. Jessica had the idea to wrap the blanket around them as if it was his mother wrapping her arms around them and always protecting them. It was PERFECT. I was so humbled and grateful to be apart of this. Jessica and Tyler, you’re both incredible and I can not wait for your wedding <3


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Chaise and Melissa’s Wedding

I remember when Melissa emailed me and told me she wanted me to be her wedding photographer, I was in LA and I was so excited to get home and meet with her and Chaise. These two have been together for as long as I can remember and I am pretty sure everyone was wondering when this day was coming. I was so happy to be apart of their beautiful wedding from the beginning to end, everything was perfect. The love these two showed for one another radiated among them and everyone in their presence. Here is a little peak at their special day. Enjoy.

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Daniel and Laura

This wedding was like no other I had ever been able to photograph. It was honestly just short, sweet and to the point… but that made it perfect. When I met Laura I knew instantly we were going to work great together. Not only was she GORGEOUS but she was also an artist. A painter out of Nashville which I thought was SO amazing. Laura was unlike any bride I have ever worked with; she didn’t care about all the detail shots, she didn’t care about the corny “must have” shots. She just wanted her and Daniels love captured. With both of them loving each other so much and both being so stinkin adorable I don’t think it was very possible to capture a bad image of them. This Gatsby styled/ military wedding will definitely go down in the books.



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