JulieAnn Boudoir

Boudoir outside? Yes, please!! Obsessed with the intimacy, softness, and beauty of this outdoor boudoir session. Everything about it is perfect. I had such a great time photographing this beautiful girl. HUGE thanks to Casey Troulias of RawwBeauty for the beautiful hair and makeup.

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Drew & Christina Wedding

When I met Christina at the Westin’s Bridal Show I knew automatically I had to have her as one of my brides. Not only was she gorgeous but she was so sweet and so thrilled to be marrying Drew; her night and shining armor. The way she spoke about him and the details of her wedding made her glow so I knew it had to be perfect. Christina & Drew’s wedding began at St. Luke’s Episcopal church in Mt. Brook and ended The Club (which is so gorgeous and my favvv). I had such an incredible time photographing this gorgeous wedding and so happy I am able to share their love with you all.


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Ashley & Bobby Savannah Anniversary

Photographing a couple that have been together for 15 years is something special. Not just to be photographing a cute couple but to photograph a couple that are so young and still have managed to be together for 15 years is so incredible to me. Ashley & Bobby have been together since they were teenagers despite what others said and the negativity of such a young relationship these two pushed through and showed them that young love can grow and thrive.. Now, 15 years later I am photographing their lovely engagement in Savannah, GA & I couldn’t be happier.


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Kellen & Brook’s Wedding

As a wedding photographer in the south a lot of my weddings get very monotonous, BUT Kellen & Brooks wedding was far from it. As I spoke with Brook about her ideas for her wedding and the things she wanted done I knew this wedding was going to be epic. From her dress, to the details, and down to the reception I just knew it all was going to be an incredible event. The thing I loved about this couple was the goofiness and lets all admit it, we need goofiness, because being normal is vastly overrated :) These guys kept me laughing all day, 90 degree weather and all. I love the willingness of all of the bridal party to do my “crazy poses” and I loved how Brook allowed me to do whatever I wanted.. She totally trust me to photograph what I wanted to photograph and how I wanted to photograph it, making my job much simpler and lots more artistic. So, for me this wedding is more than just a wedding this is a piece of art that I was blessed enough to be apart of.

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Photographers and the “industry”

Today, as I sit in my office returning emails, editing a beautiful wedding, listening to music and eating a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch (which was incredible by the way) I received an email from a photographer friend and she is venting to me about all of these “photographers” popping up everywhere and “stealing her business with $20 sessions”. I just sit back and I listen to her complain about these people and I realize I too have been guilty in indulging in this crime. I too have said “Oh, they are a photographer? Really?” Well, today I had an epiphany.. And I am a wedding photographer. I am a photographer who is hired to photograph your wedding and capture those moments that you don’t remember because you’re so fascinated by the person you’re standing with knowing that you will be with that person for the rest of your life and knowing you have found the love you are meant to be with.  I am there to photograph your Mother and Father as they cry and see you for the first time as a married man or woman. I am there to photograph the last dance you will have with your Grandfather before he passes away. I am there to photograph your best friend and maid of honor as she watches you eagerly wishes this was her day. So, am I really worried about theses “photographers” popping up everywhere and charging $20 for sessions? No, I am absolutely not worried about them, actually, I HOPE they do this for the love of it and they thrive into well rounded photographers because at the end of the day my only competition is myself; no one else will I compare myself to or sit back and awe at their work and wish mine was just like it. My work is MINE. It is REAL. It is LOVE. 6T6A1511_0047To me, doing this is a gift.. A gift that I sometimes take for granted. That I sometimes get so irritated with and sometimes wish I could just forget about but this, capturing your day and making that moment as special as I possibly can is what I was MADE to do. I was designed to do this and it is what I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Regardless, of how many photographers are out there and how many people love them and their work, my work is me. Its my soul, its authentic and its YOU. No other photographer is going to go and shoot a wedding just like I am going to… in fact they may shoot it 10 times better than I would and that’s fine. That is something beautiful about this industry and weddings, everyone is different, everyone’s style is different. We learn, we grow, we prosper OR we fail. Regardless of these possibilities my goal is to ALWAYS do what I love and love what I do. To see the beauty in ugliness, to see the light in the dark, and to see LOVE grow. That is what I am made to do. So, when you ask me what I think about the other photographers, I say… Good for them. Do your thing and make it work. Because I am sure as hell doing mine.

The Great Gatsby

So, my obsession with The Great Gatsby and the 20’s may be a little much but what can I say? Its just awesome. I decided on doing this Gatsby themed shoot months ago but things came  up, I got busy, I was tired and more excuses just piled up until I said “alright, its happening… THIS WEEK” with the help of my wonderful models and some awesome vendors I literally put this entire shoot together in about 2 days. Crazy huh? It was perfect. It was magical, everything I dreamed it could be and more. I submitted this shoot to several places for publication; some turned it down because it had “been done”, some loved it but it wasn’t the right season and other are still reviewing it. Typically, I would never post something that I wanted published before it was published BUT I am done waiting to be validated by some wedding blog or magazine. I LOVE this shoot, everything about it and I am ready to share it with you. I cant thank my vendors enough for their help and my wonderful and beautiful model Casey, who has cystic fibrosis and was sick the time of the shoot and refused to be hospitalized until after we finished shooting. She is powerful, beautiful, strong and courageous.. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHHING. Vendors are below :)


Matt xoxox

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Hair & Makeup- Casey Troulias   Wedding Gown- Alfred Angelo Bridal   Tuxedo- Jos.A.Bank   Flowers- CeCe Designs   Vintage Car- Birmingham Bridal Carriages   Table/Props- Cameo Vintage Rentals

Brycen & Jill Engagement

LOVE THESE TWO!! Pretty much sums it up for me. These two are so adorable together and made my job so easy! We started off this adorable engagement session at the Railroad Park, had coffee and waited for the dark and then headed to the rainbow tunnel, Downtown. I love everything about this session, & cant wait for your wedding <3


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Davis Military Homecoming.

For those of you who have had to be separated from someone you love for a long period of time know the immense pain it causes you. A kind of pain that feels unbearable and a pain that will never be quenched. For this family they wanted 11 long and painful months to see their solider. FINALLY, at 5:40 pm on February 21, 2014 they were granted their wish and got to be reunited with him. For me, this was one of the highlights of my careers, it was so special to be able to photograph this special moment for this soldier and his family. The funny thing is, this was not even the family I had intended on photographing. The original couple I had planned to photograph had some things come up and as I was packing my bags with disappointment and getting ready to leave the airport I overheard the family say “we want some pictures” and there you have it. The rest is history.



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